Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Layer Pudding.............

  • Milk:1/2 ltr 
  • sugar:50g
  • vanilla custard powder
  • essence:2 drops
  • vanilla cake
  • biscuit(parle G or tiger)
  • bread(remove the sides of bread)
  • butter

preparation:Take custard powder add 4 or 5 spoons of milk in to it ,mix well... and keep aside.....pour  milk in to a heavy pan add sugar and stir constantly...... add  custard mixture while the milk is boiling ..then stir well..untill the mixture is thickened..simmer for  5 to 10 minutes.(medium thickness)....then add 2 drops of essence...and remove from the heat then take a square shape pan and spread  butter , place bread  and pour  custard cream over the bread  then biscuit and pour custard ,after that place cake pieces and finally pour the milk over the cake........springle with nuts or batham.........refrigerate minimum 5 hrs.......


  1. Hi Ann, glad to find your blog, pudding looks delicous , interesting recipe

  2. i m really fond of pudding..this looks delicious..thanks for sharing this ann..